The War Of The Roses


The War of the Roses - Warren Adler

I haven’t seen the film. And neither I will, based on this book. This was a very uncomfortable read. In the beginning I mainly disliked it because it felt misogynistic, constantly telling us how sorry we should be for the man whose feeble wife on a whim decided to divorce him. Said wife on her part only gets to tell she wanted to feel free. Add to that another woman who can only say she couldn’t possibly understand why anyone would want to divorce such a wonderful man. It felt very dated, and I had to push myself to keep reading this.

And that was before the story went stark raven mad, as the two of them are locked in a fight – almost to the death and the death of the house they so pathetically try to save for themselves. It escalates quickly in what could be the worst divorce ever. At this point I was actually interested in learning who would win in the end, hence the two stars, but the ending was rather disappointing.

The War of The Roses hasn’t aged well, in my opinion.

Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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