The Suffragettes


The Suffragettes - Various

This year I plan to read one of these Little Black Classics a week, so that I will finish them (currently at #94 of 127) and can start with the Little Mint Classics (the Modern classics). The Suffragettes was first on the list, and while it would have been a perfect read for last years (100 years since women got the Vote in NL), this didn’t occur to me until after I started reading.

Quite different from the other books in the series, this is a collection of articles, pamphlets, cartoons and speeches on the topic of Suffrage, when the good fight was being fought. I found it very interesting to read, and was astounded by quite some things I didn’t know. It was a hard and rocky road, but are massively indebted to them as I couldn’t imagine being born without having this Vote, the chance to study, work, etc.

~Little Black Classics #94~

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