How To Be a Medieval Woman


How To Be a Medieval Woman - Margery Kempe

How To Be a Medieval Woman was like the polar opposite to last week’s Little Black Classic: The Suffragettes, and it was a terrible read.

Maybe if the main character was not called ‘said creature’ the entire time, THIS creature would have somewhat enjoyed reading it. This was what put me off right from the start but it was also heavily repetitive and Margery main skill seems to be weeping, which she does a lot and at everything.

I still gave it two stars. Not because I enjoyed reading it, I did not. However, this is still the biography of a woman who managed to convince men to write it for her (as she was illiterate) in a society which would just as easily (more easily perhaps) have burned her at the stake for not submitting to their rules.

~Little Black Classics #95~

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