Nightingale: London 1966

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I only found out about these today! I have been a fan of the Rivers of London series for years and I was very pleased to find several ultra short stories that tie in to the series. I’m trying to spread reading them at least a little.

I much enjoy it when authors take the time to share with us some of their ideas that didn’t make it into the main book. This is a very short story (you can read it free on Ben Aaronovitch’s blog) but had some interesting information nevertheless. Also, the reference to Molly made me curious (okay, I have been curious to find out more about her for years).

Recommended for fans of the series.

Read it:

Nightingale: London 1966 (Rivers of London/Peter Grant #0.5)Ben Aaronovitch

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