Wayward Son

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The mind is a tricky thing. I got Wayward Son because I seemed to remember I liked Carry On a lot, so I ordered it. Of course, only after getting it, I decided to look up my old review – and saw it was much more of a mixed bag. Moreover, I realized I didn’t remember basically the first thing about Harry On (which was what I started calling it since it resembled Harry Potter so much).

I didn’t let that put me down though and I just started reading Wayward Son, usually everything from earlier novels comes back to me rather quickly, here it took a while, probably because it was completely different from the first book. This focuses on what happens to the Chosen One after he is no longer need – depression, that is. To battle that, they all take a road trip in America which doesn’t really go exactly as planned.

It has been some time since I read my last YA novel – and I was quite overtaken with the level of angst in this one. Why is there always so much in YA? And, because of the ever-shifting POVs we already know everyone’s motives so the angst is completely unfounded. But enough about that. Besides the angst it was a nice read, quick and enjoyable, but I wouldn’t pause to start thinking about the magic – sorry magick – system which is mainly very convenient to the plot at all times and things appear out of thin air all the time – breaking only all the rules in the universe. But then, I am not really reading this for the Fantasy.

Snackbook – where can I get the next?

Wayward Son (Simon Snow #2)Rainbow Rowell

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  1. I remember really enjoying Carry On even though I wasn’t expecting to. I haven’t read this yet though! And YA is filled with so much angst because teenagers are angsty 🤣 but I agree, it gets old sometimes!

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