Looking Back at #ReverseReadathon

Yesterday evening around eleven PM, I was starting to fall asleep, so I called it a day for the read-a-thon. While the second half wasn’t as prolific as the first, I still immensely enjoyed it and read from almost all the books I had intended to read. I normally don’t plan these things, so I was glad I mostly stuck to my plans.

Blackout BINGO

All the squares are gone!
A minimalist cover?

I didn’t expect to but it went well yesterday and I was able to blackout the card – earning me bragging rights. That is, if you consider this cover minimalist enough? – I did.

Maybe a quick overview of some of the squares:

  • Winter – This was Golden Compass for me, only read the first couple of chapters yesterday but mention of Lapland, the Northern Lights etc.
  • Blindfolded – I used random.org to select my first new read and it was Djinn City
  • Outside comfort zone – Here I put Call Me By Your Name since romantic coming-of-age stories are not my usual cup of tea.
  • TBR – The Golden Compass again; added to GR in 2015 so way too long on the TBR.
  • Less than 3 word title – Dead Wicked (Djinn City would have worked as well)
  • Released within the last year – Gideon the Ninth (Sept 2019) or Dead Wicked (July 2020)
  • Diversity – The MC from CMBYN and Gideon the Ninth are LGBT+ and Saad Z Hossain is from Bangladesh and his characters in Djinn City as well.
  • Title with D – Dead Wicked or Djinn City
  • Non book – An article on Pinokkio movie adaptations my sister sent me.
  • First person – Call Me By Your Name
  • Blue Cover – Call Me By Your Name or The Golden Compass
  • 2 genres – Any pick from Fantasy, Detective, Fiction, Non-fiction
  • Traveling – This one was a bit harder, but in CMBYN they take a trip to Rome and there has been talk of expeditions and travel in The Golden Compass
  • Make your own challenge – My challenge was to finish three books, which I did. Gideon the Ninth during the Ninth hour of the challenge, Dead Wicked during the Eleventh hour and CMBYN during the 19th hour. In between I started two new books, Djinn City and The Golden Compass and managed to sneak in a couple of chapters from Breath from Salt. Unfortunately, the only book I didn’t manage to read from was The Doomsday Book.
Read from almost all the books I had selected pre-read-a-thon


I would say this has been the most successful read-a-thon for me yet, probably because there were little distractions and it was so warm. Here are some stats to end with:


Gideon the Ninth
Dead Wicked
Call Me By Your Name

Djinn City
The Golden Compass

Breath from Salt


+/- 530 pages


between 9-10h

I will be joining Bout-of-Books next, which will start August 17 and will last an entire (but less intense week).

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