How to Use Your Enemies

Rating: 2 out of 5.

This is more than a guide on How to Use Your Enemies, it is at the same time a guide on How to Use Your Friends (considering you have some left after behaving like the author suggested). It was so manipulative that it was actually an awkward read for me.

It is compared to Machiavelli, and while his ideas are also very calculated, they made more sense to me as they all help to reach a certain goal. They are harsh and cold, and don’t translate into modern days, but one can imagine that they are useful. Now take that, and apply it on literally every aspect of your life and you’ll get How to Use Your Enemies. He really seemed like the typical calculating evil guy. This is not one of the Little Black Classics that I would recommend.

How to Use Your Enemies (Little Black Classics #12)Baltasar Gracián

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