The Tinder Box

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I grew up with Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales so I was glad to see that this collection (six stories) was made up of some of the lesser known stories. Most of them I hadn’t heard before because they were less child-friendly lets say. I knew The Red Shoes from the Efteling, but was glad to finally read the original.

The stories were nice to read, although I didn’t always think this was the best translation as sometimes it was a bit awkward.

The Tinder Box (Little Black Classics #23)Hans Christian Andersen

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  1. I’ve always enjoyed your LIttle Black Classics reviews; I remember when you said you had the complete collection and I admired (and still do!) the adventurousness and openess to read them all. The completist in me loves the idea of having them all; the pragmatist in me knows I’ll never read most of them. 😀

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    1. I recently finished the last one – it was a multiyear project and not all of them were great but I would do it again immediately (in fact – I have the collection of Little Mint Classics (the Modern Classics) ready to go for next year ;).

      Some of them I would have never picked up otherwise, and there have been some great surprises – like The Yellow Wall Paper and Aristophanes play -; and it helped confirm my troublesome relationship with poetry. I also learned that aphorisms and the like are not for me.

      Still publishing all the reviews though, some never made it to BL but I want all of them (even though they are just short) here on the blog.

      Also, some posts about the whole project are coming in the next weeks. Time to do some stats and all that…

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      1. I’ll look forward to those posts! And I have to check out the Little Mint Classics – haven’t seen those around here yet.

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