The Absolutist

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The latest novel by John Boyne! I couldn’t wait to read it, but unfortunately I was supposed to get this book as a Christmas present (First World Problems), so I had to wait a little time.

It was a real touching story in my humble opinion. I personally don’t really know a lot about the ‘Great War’ aka The First World War. This has to do with the fact that The Netherlands were neutral during WW1 and therefore don’t have the same feeling about it. We did suffer a lot during the Second World War though, so most of our history classes are about WW2.

Needless to say terrible things happen during the book, and it is awful to think those have really happened. The Dutch title is – translated – The White Feather, I now understand why. The writing style was, once more, very nice and once again John Boyne picked an episode from history to write a wonderful book to teach us about it.

The Absolutist – John Boyne

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