The Steel Flea

Rating: 3 out of 5.

The Steel Flea is a piece of Russian comedy for a change. I am more familiar with Russian tragedy, but since this in essence is still a satire or social commentary it is not unlike the other Russian authors that I read.

It is a short tale of Russian worker who aims to outdo the British and their best invention – a miniature Steel Flea. Clearly a parable for the late 19th century, I found this edition quite nice but not much more than that.

The Steel Flea (Little Black Classics #40)Nikolay Leskov

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      1. Yes, I think it would have added a lot. I am now reading some Penguin Classics with introduction and context and that is so much better!

        Here is an example of what is given on a blurb for The Steel Flea:

        “The Steel Flea is an uproarious and alcohol-soaked shaggy-dog story from one of Russia’s great comic masters.”

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