The Congress of Rough Riders

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I’m a big fan of John Boyne, and this was one of the last books I hadn’t read yet. So, I didn’t mind the fact I really don’t like cowboys and just started reading.

Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed cause it turned out that I minded the cowboys after all. It was not bad, but it just couldn’t keep me interested. Personally, not my best John Boyne reading experience.

The Congress of Rough Riders – John Boyne

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      1. Sorry, your post got eaten by the spam folder, and I just now found it. Very strange because I have previously already approved your comments 🤷.

        I have selected the icons myself, but it is loosely based on a system they used in my library back when I was a kid to quickly show which genre a book was. Of course, often a book is more than just the one thing, but it’s at least an indication…

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