WWW Wednesday #4

I feel like I start these posts every week with the same message. It’s been a very busy week and I didn’t get much reading done. These words also perfectly described last week. The last couple of days were particularly busy, with very long hours. Besides I think I might have to admit to myself that I might have entered a little reading slump. It has been taking forever to finish books lately, unfortunately, but let’s take a look at what I did manage to read. WWW Wednesday is a bookish meme which is currently hosted by Taking On A World Of Books. Its idea is very simple, answer the three following questions:

I still didn’t progress this week with the Aristophanes Plays, The Golden Compass or Doomsday Book. Most of my focus has been on the Halloween Bingo books. For Halloween Bingo I am reading Carnivalesque for the Creepy Carnivals, The Girl on the Train for Psych, and Binti for Aliens. That last one I am enjoying a lot and I hope I might be able to finish it either today or else tomorrow. I also started The Crying of Lot 49 which I need to finish by Saturday for book club. It is only a short novel, but so far I have not really been enjoying myself. The sentences sort of ramble on for most of a page and are not very coherent. I also started an audiobook I got from Netgalley. I don’t usually listen to adiobooks, but with a little reading slump I am trying out different things to see what might help.

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I only read two books last week. The first one was a collection of comics, Just Act Normal. Next, I wanted to read something fast and uncomplicated and I was recommended The Years Shakespeare Ruined My Life. It was indeed such a read. Once more, I hope next week will be better!

Halloween Bingo books. I don’t know yet which one exactly. There have been some of my calls in the last days, so whatever holds my fancy after I finish reading some of my currently reading-shelf.

How was your reading week? Read anything you would recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. So far I have read three plays, The Frogs, The Clouds and The Acharnians, and they were all quite nice.

      Doomsday book was a gift of a friend of mine and I am sure I will really like it, but it is a chunkster and I need to have a little more time to fully enjoy it!

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    1. Yes, I started because normally there is much more movement in my reading, but the last month has been crazy busy (we are working at more than 100% just to catch up with the time the lab was closed) and when I did an analysis last year, I found that September always is a little slump-ish for me, for some reason.

      *Fingers crossed that it will be better soon!*

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    1. I used to be able to read a lot of books at the same time. Right now I have just been adding a couple and putting some others to the side a little since I can hardly concentrate on any book. So, I really hope I can finish some this weekend and then focus on the ones I was already reading to get the number down again.


  1. Oh no, reading slumps are the worst. Trying a different format is a good idea that usually works for me, but also reading a genre I don’t normally read actually does wonders! I hope that you manage to work your way through it 🙂 I’ve heard really good things about Binti so I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Happy reading!

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    1. They are, aren’t they? Yes, I am trying some different things, hoping that it will work, but the lab is crazy busy at the moment and apparently (based on my stats) I always seem to struggle in September for some reason 🤷
      Thank you, and I will be sure to post about Binti once I finish it.

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