Rating: 4 out of 5.

Redshirts was right up my alley. I want to put the spotlights to the side characters, like in Patrick Ness’ The Rest of Us Just Live Here, and the side characters are usually preferred over the mains in almost any series I read/watch. Why didn’t I read Redshirts earlier in that case?

Well, I have never watched Star Trek.

I feared this was going to dampen the fun of this book. But after reading it is safe to say that for me it didn’t feel at all like I should have done that in order to enjoy the book. While I never watched Star Trek per se, I knew enough to worry about the fate of Away Teams. I also wish I had the magical box which did the science-y thing when it was needed, sounds like it would be of great help for the PhD.

This is rather meta, and there was a little bit where it slumped a little but overall this was a very nice read.

Certainly recommended (from a non-Trekkie)!

Redshirts – John Scalzi

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