Goodreads Monday #2

Last Saturday I asked you to help me decided which book to read during my little holidays, and drum-roll please because it is time to reveal the winner and I will link it to Goodreads Monday, which is hosted by Lauren’s Page Turner, and it is really simple. Pick a book from the TBR and explain why you want to read it.

So, it was my first time using the new poll block from the block editor and I wasn’t 100% happy with it. For some reason, I could not easily retrieve the results but had instead to ‘vote’ the poll in order to see the results? Either way, results are in and they are as follows:

The “something else” is me checking the results from the poll 😉

So, the winner is Frankenstein – closely followed by Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle; two very autumn-y reads I think. I am excited to be reading Frankenstein next since it is the book that has been on my TBR since forever (from before I joined GR in 2011). It also fits nicely into the Halloween Bingo which I am terribly failing at so far.


Obsessed with creating life itself, Victor Frankenstein plunders graveyards for the material to fashion a new being, which he shocks into life with electricity. But his botched creature, rejected by Frankenstein and denied human companionship, sets out to destroy his maker and all that he holds dear. Mary Shelley’s chilling Gothic tale was conceived when she was only eighteen, living with her lover Percy Shelley near Byron’s villa on Lake Geneva. It would become the world’s most famous work of horror fiction, and remains a devastating exploration of the limits of human creativity.

Have you read Frankenstein? What are you excited to read next? – Please let me know in the comments!

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    1. I wanted to read it for the Gothic square in Halloween bingo – and then in the introduction it literally says “It’s not really a gothic novel” .

      I saw in the spring the online production of Frankenstein by the National Theatre, so I have some ideas what to expect. It seemed much more a dark exploration of the soul than a horror book to me.

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