Shelf Control – New Arrivals September 2020

I have been trying to keep the number of new books down in September – telling myself multiple times that I didn’t need to visit the book store, since I already have so many great books and so little time. O, the self constraint I felt when I didn’t visit the book stores these months. However, of course some books still made their way to me, so let’s check how I did this month.

Only 1 new tree book! I am rather happy with this score, since this False Value is a book I really, really wanted to have. I am also already reading it right now, so that is good as well.

Onto my new ebooks – I only got one from Amazon, after reading a nice review of it and it was free.

I had slightly less self control with the ARCs however, so I ended up adding quite a few more than I had anticipated. However, I am really excited to be reading all of them (some I have already read). I also got two audiobooks, which were my first audiobooks from Netgalley. So far I quite like their app for the audiobooks and also the couple of graphic novels I read on it. My Adobe Digital Editions often gives problems, so far the app seems to be working nicely.

Audiobooks from Netgalley
eARCs from Netgalley

Well, these were all the books I added in the last month, but how many did I add to the TBR? Here is a breakdown of the books:

I added 13 books and read 14 books, 3 of which were new. My Mt. TBR is now one book lower than it was last month. At this pace I will not be able to finish at in my lifetime, so I hope to cut it down more next month. It is not entirely my fault though, is it? I can’t help there are so many great books being published!

How many and which books did you add last month? Have you read any of them? Which should I read first? – Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Shelf Control – New Arrivals September 2020

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  1. YAY for all the new books 😍 I mean, yes, this may mean we may never read all the books in our possession in our lifetime BUT who knows what’ll happen! Stranger things (i.e. like this year) have happened 😉 I’ve got Vivek Oji still to read as well. Hope you enjoy all of these and happy reading 😉

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    1. Yes, indeed, who knows what will happen! 😉
      Thank you! I am also very curious to hear your thoughts on Vivek Oji, I have heard so many good things about it!
      Happy reading to you too!


  2. I got a random pay rise (which is unheard of in education, I went 8 years without any pay rise…) and so accidentally bought 15 books at the start of this month. Oops.

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