No Time Like The Past

Rating: 4 out of 5.


I went into this having certain expectations. I was not disappointed.

Returning to St Mary’s was great (even though I only left for half a day). Your favorite time-traveling historians return in order to cause more mayhem. No Time Like The Past focuses slightly more on St Mary’s related problems, as they travel back in time to investigate the mysterious ghost that Markham keeps seeing, try to secure some more treasures to be found on the grounds of St Mary’s and most difficultly, try to get the general public interested in History. Indeed, people-person Max needs to organize St Mary’s in order to have a open day, of course in the typical style you’ve come to expect (Oh, how I wish I could attend it).

It was a great follow up to A Trail Through Time, which left us hanging with certain threats. But, all is well that ends well. (Except for the car, it gets crashed. Again).

No Time Like The Past (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #5)Jodi Taylor

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