Rivers of London

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I first came across this book in Aachen, Germany, and it drew my attention almost immediately. Normally I’m not really a fantasy reader, let alone the even more specific terms like urban fantasy. I liked the writing style from what I read in the bookshop, and made a mental note of it.

Still, in the Netherlands this book is nowhere to be found. (It isn’t translated either, for as far as I know). I did really want to read this book, so next time I bought it, even though I had decided not to buy any books for the time being.

I started reading, this time proper, not standing in a bookstore and I liked the book. It is very British, Peter Grant is witty and it includes something that resembles magic school, so I was all sold. Perhaps I thought there were things I didn’t find as interesting – like for example all the stuff about the rivaling rivers (OK, what’s in a name?) – but these have grown on me over time. I liked the setup with Scotland Yard and the Folly.

Also, the cover gives an original map of a part of London, what’s not to like?

Rivers of London (Rivers of London/Peter Grant #1)Ben Aaronovitch

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