Sindbad the Sailor

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Initial response:

Silly me! I accidentally reread this book, and only noticed when I was halfway.

Actual review:

I didn’t plan on reading it a second time, but because the stories are in fact familiar (and resemble the Odyssey), I only at the final story realized I must have read it before. Since it was only a short booklet, I decided to just finished it now that I was at it.

Much from the first read remains the same. They are nice stories, albeit rather repetitive and you would like to smack Sindbad on his head for his stupidity of repeatedly going on these travels when clearly they are not safe. The language and writing are not the most flowing or particularly nice, but I am wondering whether this is due to the translation or maybe because it was penned down from an earlier oral tradition, where this is also often the case.

Sindbad the Sailor (Little Black Classics #54)Anonymous

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