Literary Places


Literary Places - Sarah Baxter

This was not at all what I had expected it to be. First of all, it wasn’t really so much a Traveller’s Guide, as a book with short descriptions of books and some of the locations it was set in. If I were planning an actual literary based holiday, I doubt this would have helped me.

What it does do is describe all books it mentioned shortly, and since I read less than a quarter of all the books mentioned this was nice. However, not really a travel guide. It then goes a bit deeper into some of the places that are mentioned (or sometimes not mentioned) in the book. While interesting, there were many instances of books chosen where you can not visit the places because they have either been demolishes, or the actual location was never given in the book and the author suggests it might have taken place there. This concept became repetitive rather quickly, and I would have liked to see some more variation.

Everything was accompanied by some colorful, bright drawings which I really enjoyed even though they were quite simple in style. For me, they were the part I enjoyed best. While I liked the idea of Literary Places, I found it was not what I expected and I think there could have been more in the book.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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