August 2020 Wrap-up

Where did August go? It feels like the month is only just starting and now it is over again. I didn’t get much reading done, only fourteen books and a couple of those were either graphic novels/comics or short stories. The reviews for each of the books will be up shortly, if they have not yet been published.

First of all, I read Charlotte Brontë’s Stancliffe’s Hotel (review upcoming) on August 2nd, which was the very last of the Little Black Classics I still hadn’t read. My blog this month has been rather filled with reviews of the Little Black Classics (and they will continue for a bit) as well as a couple of posts looking back at the entire project which was a lot of fun. I found, among things, that Charles Dickens Martin Chuzzlewit is the quintessential classic and I should find the time to read that book (Part 1Part 2Part 3).

Since I finished the 2020 GoodReads Reading challenge at the end of July, I was looking for a challenge for the rest of the year. This took form in the shape of a list of 52 books which I want to finish before the end of the year that I called the ‘A Little Bit More’ challenge (more about it and the entire list you can find here). Djinn City (review upcoming), Call My By Your Name (review upcoming), Dead Wicked (review upcoming), The Survival of Molly Southbourne (review) and Silver in the Wood (review) were from that list, but in order to finish by the end of the year, I will need to step up my game here.

Besides I joined Dewey’s Reverse Read-a-thon which was a blast (read it here). I finished Gideon the Ninth (review), Dead Wicked, and Call Me By Your Name. This was the first time I actually succeeded in reading a lot during a read-a-thon.

This gave me high hopes for the other read-a-thon I had planned later in the month – Bout of Books. While it ran a week, I only managed to finish two books, less than in the 24 hours of Dewey’s, due to all week busyness and not having a lot of time to read. Still the Manga of Anne of Green Gables (review upcoming) and Riot Baby (review upcoming) were both very enjoyable and I am glad I read them. However, I hope for a slightly more successful read-a-thon next time (read all about it here).

The rest of my readings for August contained two comics books that I read as ARC – Fangs (review upcoming) and I Hope This Helps (review upcoming). Also, two short stories. Bloodchild (review upcoming) because I wanted to read something by Octavia E. Butler after she was recommended to me, and The Muse of History (review upcoming) another short in one of my favorite series, the Rivers of London. Finally, I read How To Be A Woman (review upcoming) for book club but it wasn’t really my cup of tea.

14 books | 2 Tree Books | 4 ARC | 2814 pages | 3.4 average rating

Carry over to September & TBR

These six books I am still reading and I will carry them over to September. Of these, I have already read The Acharnians and The Clouds from the Aristophanes plays, and only have Lysistrata left (make love, not war!). Mrs Dalloway and Breath from Salt are also over halfway so I hope to finish them some time this week. The Golden Compass and Doomsday Book I am also enjoying, but not as far progressed yet. Carnivalesque was the head start for the Halloween Bingo square ‘Creepy Carnivals’.

On the topic of the Halloween Bingo (read what all the fuzz is about here), most of my reading this month will probably be based on what squares are called in the bingo. Looking forward a lot to it!

How was your month? Read any of great books lately?
– Let me know in the comments?

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